Hi! I’m Jennifer Nelson (www.byjennifernelson.com). I’ve been writing full time mostly for women’s magazines (and for lots of other publications) for over fourteen years.

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with the women’s glossies. As an avid reader of 20 or more chic slicks a month, and having written for most of ‘em, I’m often amazed by both the excellent work they turn out while simultaneously being horrified by some of their anti-feminine faux pas!

This love/hate trifecta led me to write a book on the topic, Stiletto Nation: Inside the Perfumed Pages of the Women’s Magazine Industry, which will come out in Fall of 2012 by Seal Press.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share all the juicy women’s mag tidbits, sloppy photo retouches, bad juju diet and sex information and general righteous indignation from time to time as I peruse the pricey sweaters and stilettos and endless array of lip glosses and anti-aging creams.

Stop by now and then and see what’s happening in the cloying pages of one of your fave glossies!


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