Glamour Shows New Moms How Their Bodies Stack up Against Supermodel!





Honestly Glamour, did you really print “Reality Check: What Will your Body Look Like After a Baby” in the July issue? Come on! What the hell do you think it will look like?

Glamour was annoying enough to show us Gisele, three months post baby, compared to Kristin, a reader who was simultaneously 102 days post birth as well. Gisele wears a teeny bikini and is posed from the rear complete with splendid ass shot, while Kristin, who I pray knew exactly what her photo was being used for, poses full on in her more modest bikini holding her baby and sporting a slight tummy bulge.

The incredibly clueless piece waxes on about how Gisele Bundchen, super model extraordinaire, can wear her string bikini three months after giving birth, but not to worry new moms because the average woman looks more like  reader Kristin Ford, 32, with a slight tummy bulge.

Then we go on to explore just how Hollywood moms do it. Though Kristin, a social media consultant from Pennsylvania, nor Bundchen, a supermodel, could really be classified as  a Hollywood mom.

Nevertheless, celebs use the best trainer money can buy, and there is the threat of losing out on work since famous mommies are under a scary amount of pressure of not living up to Hollywood standards by getting their body back post-baby says one trainer interviewed.

Of course then we hear how Jessica Alba did light weights two weeks postpartum to get back in shape, and Julia Roberts had the trainer at the door five weeks out from twins.

The entire piece of bird-cage liner (page 86) then tells moms to cut themselves some slack and don’t feel bad about your bod after spitting out another person from your womb; just eat healthy and focus on gentle exercise.

Yes, Glamour, you sink to a new low with this article purporting to care so deeply about new mom’s body image while simultaneously showing them how they stack up against a supermodel. How kind and sensitive.


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