Women Don’t Need Naked Women in Women’s Magazines!


People Katie Holmes

In this month’s Allure magazine with a seemingly naked and wet Katie Holmes on the cover, there were a few letters to the editor complaining about the use of naked models in last month’s hair article on curly hair. Readers wanted to know why we need naked models for an article on hair, and of course one reader found it offensive.

Segue to the April issue and a feature on nails on page 125, and guess what? Yes, another naked model to show us the latest and greatest in nail polish, painting technique, nail art and glitter topcoats.

This go round a young naked woman is on the first page of the feature wearing nothing but her hands over her breasts—with impeccably polished nails in a lovely shade of indigo.

Now, I’m not offended or insulted or outraged, I just simply want to tell Allure that women don’t need women to appear naked in our magazines! That’s right, apparently it’s a huge secret to the powers that be to learn that women aren’t really enticed to read the articles because the model is naked!

Can you imagine being in the staff meeting on this? “So, we have a great naked model for the nail piece this issue because we feel it’s so provocative and edgy that women will be drawn in and read the nail article if there is a naked woman to behold.”

Um, we aren’t men, Allure.  And in fact, if you wanted to put someone naked on your feature articles to draw in straight women readers you might have better luck using a naked man, no? Or are you looking to increase lesbian readership for a change?

In case they were thinking this tactic actually sells magazines, that this “provocativeness” pushes the edges of the boundaries and makes women sit up and take notice of how, let’s just say edgy they are, I wanted to weigh in and tell them not so much. See, women just don’t need women to be naked to read the articles! There, I said it.

Allure goes so far as to work the nakedness into the text: “If you wear nothing else, at least cover your nails with one of this season’s sexy shades, cool textured polishes, or dazzling glitter topcoats,” reads the scintillating copy across the young woman’s naked abdomen.

Stay tuned: Next issue a naked woman will appear as the model for a skin care article because sure, we women probably wouldn’t read about taking care of our skin unless you entice us with some skin. Okay then.

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