How Does the Public Prefer the Women of Hollywood? Elle Magazine Examines


An interesting piece in the November Elle talks about the new wave of young women in Hollywood without hard bodies. Seems after years of Jessica’s and Jennifer’s sporting six packs and ripped deltoids, a new wave of actresses ushered in a new paradigm—bodies neither excessively taught or particularly ripped. Oh, yes still lithe and lean and elegant; it is Hollywood after all. But this ever-growing band of women—picture Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart, Rooney Mara, Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence—are either paper-thin or regular sized but effortless in their delivery. Actresses who come with the ‘this is just how my body is’ mantra.


These are “normal” girls who don’t necessarily go to the gym and train three hours daily, sans the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, who once famously quipped, “It’s not luck, it’s not fairy dust, it’s not good genes. It’s killing myself for an hour and a half five days a week…” Girls who answer the question about their workout routine like this answer via Emma Stone: “I haven’t worked out for a month and I’m proud of it.”

These girls it so seems want the public to know that their gifts: acting, singing, songwriting lie in their brains and their talent as opposed to their tight tushies. And for that we should applaud loudly.

Seems Williamsburg, Brooklyn is the new cool Barbie rather than Malibu, and that the trying-too-hard biceps wielding bombshells of the past have been replaced by women dressed in effortless layers and Bohemian rhapsody no matter how defined their body may be.


And so while this newfound real feminine ideal is a fresh breath of air on the one hand, on the other at least those ladies of the past worked hard at something. Madonna didn’t get those ropey veined arms eating bon bons. Today’s starlets have youth and genes on their sides in the casual, effortless way they come to the screen not working hard per se at their bodies, but just working hard on their craft.

So which paradigm does the public prefer? Women who work their asses off—literally. Or those who rather you take them as they are– tousled hair, flawless face, naturally slim, lithe body that simply comes with youth and good genetics?



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  1. Kind of gagged when I saw Madonna’s arms. Geesh!

    I’m thinking I like that Hollywood’s new young women look fine and don’t pretend to eat healthy all the time and work out like fiends. I also like that Hollywood’s young, but aging set – like the Gwyneth’s of the world – are making it a point to eat healthy for the most part, take exercising seriously, and freely admit on chat shows that their genes gave them a head start, but age has started to affect their metabolisms and they are doing what they can to combat the various gravitational pulls from time’s evil lasso. I completely regret my overly starved, overly exercised teens and twenties. The practice wreaked havoc on my thirties and ruined my forties. I have (some) hope my fifties will find me back on my pre-teen balanced and healthy track.

    • Considering the premise is that Madonna worked out to stay hot — I find it refreshing that she wears short sleeves all the time. Obviously she doesn’t give a hoot about what people think about her arms. Short sleeves now say more about her body image than any of the crazy outfits/personas she’s adopted over the years. Looks like she is fine in regards to how her body looks, and isn’t that healthy?

  2. agree totally. i think the starvation diets wreak havoc with future metabolism. if women only knew that the diets of their 20s kill the metabolism of their 40s!

  3. It’s a false comparison. Jennifer & Jessicas were working out and working on their hardbodies in their 30’s — in order to stay relevant in an industry in which being 28 is too old. Today’s starlet’s have the luxury of saying “I don’t work out” — because they fit into the youth/age bracket that makes them desirable/employable — they don’t have to work out — now. But let’s see what happens when they are 34 and stuck with playing the supporting roles, or on sitcoms playing the hot wife to some overweight 2nd rate comedian who gets top billing.

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