Women’s Glossies Tackle Campaign Issues with a Healthy Dose of Liberalism!


Less you weren’t aware the women’s glossies got political, a gander at any of the chick slicks this month could clue you in. Though the glossies are often accused of a left leaning political bent, I’ve found they do at least try to provide a balanced view, with the occasional right-wing zinger thrown in for good measure apparently.

For instance, in the November Glamour, page 70 begins an Election Special: “Who Will Be Your Next President?” First up is a great interview with the POTUS. The incumbent dishes on things that traditionally matter to women magazine readers, or so they think, such as why birth control has become controversial, the economy and jobs for women as well as education and same-sex marriage.

Next up should be Mitt Romney’s interview; however the contender declined repeated requests for an interview due to a tight schedule. Glamour makes note that despite the 2004 and 2008 Republican and Democratic candidates for President all having made time for a sit down with Glamour for their election coverage; MR just cannot make it happen. Instead, women readers offer up what they like about the candidate and where he stands on issues. Many tout his faith and his commitment to marriage, his business and economic acumen as his strengths and the reason they are voting for him. It’s apparent however, that having the actual Obama interview and not having the Romney one weighs heavily when it comes to balanced coverage.

To round out the whole thing, Stephen Colbert has a tongue-in-cheek piece on why we need a lady-leader. Enough said?

In the November issue of Self, page 42 tackles the political/reproductive health connection in “Vote! Your Health Depends On It!” The candidates make their case on four issues: healthcare, equal pay, supporting Planned Parenthood and clean water and air. Of course POTUS comes out looking squeakier than Romney on most of these social issues and Romney turns several answers (clean water and air and equal pay) into an economic-based reply.


In “Rock your Vote! Are you an Obama-girl or a Romney-ac?” Marie Claire takes the same format as Self in a piece on page 176 with a split column of Obama vs. Romney and where they stand on the issues, including their records. Issues like abortion, education, healthcare, birth control, immigration, taxes and jobs & pay are tackled and well, let’s face it; Romney is called out negatively on quite a few issues. One, that his tax plan will likely raise middle class taxes according to an analyst, his tenure at Bain Capital has come under fire for outsourcing jobs, that the pill and the IUD will be harder to come by under a Romney presidency, and that he hopes a future Supreme Court would overturn Roe v. Wade. The Romney presidential picture painted clearly has a negative overall view for women who lean left on social issues.

Kudos for the chick slicks who cover the issues and assume women readers care and want to know the facts.  However, as most of us know, the glossies lean left and the liberal bias can’t be mistaken in the small undercuts, digs and negative comments occasionally seen against the right.


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  1. How about that so-called study that CNN had to quickly remove that purported that women will tend to vote Democrat during ovulation? This was meant to help Obama but also underscores the true sexism that lives on the left, such as encouraging women to vote based on subsidized birth control and other issues of reproductive choice. Truly informed people understand that birth control has not become “controversial” as Dems insist. The only controversy is over who pays.

  2. did not see that Judy! So interesting though. how insulting about how women vote during different hormonal phases though. Where’s the study that show men vote differently during different testosterone levels?

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