Fourteen Million Plastic Surgery Procedures & No One’s Talking!





Remember when breast cancer was quietly called the C-word and spoken only in hushed tones? Now women proudly sport pink and talk about chemo’s side effects and the latest 5K in support of the cause.

For beauty, that paradigm is the B-word. Botox. In the October issue of Marie Claire, Judith Newman explores “Your Secret Beauty Life: A Little Botox, a Spot of Lipo—Why So Hush-Hush?”

Seems despite several reality shows devoted to plastic surgery and a few of The Real Housewives series having one resident plastic surgeon hubby, and showing numerous wives going under the knife, plastic surgery is still whispered about in closed society circles, if spoken aloud at all.

Fourteen million procedures were done last year, 1.5 million of them surgeries. That’s a lot of whispering, ladies!

So why the deafening quiet? Seems there are many reasons from the fact that having your lips over-plumped or your forehead wiped frozen denotes a lack of self-confidence to the stock women in “serious” professions like science and law, claiming it’d be embarrassing to reveal such shenanigans.

Hmmm…but isn’t everyone staying hush-hush leading the rest of us to think you were born with those lips or that flawlessly timeless skin?

And despite Kris Jenner undergoing a face lift on the Kardashians reality TV show and the few famous women who have spoken publicly (thank you Kathy Griffin and Jennifer Grey), celebs are even more apt to keep mum since they want their adoring fans to think they were born with it.

Plastic surgery shame is still rampant and the quietude is an elaborate hoax. Surgeons say some women refer plenty of patients to them, other’s never reveal they had anything lifted or tucked so naturally don’t make surgeon recommendations to their friends and family.

Thank God at least Newman concluded that there’s a feminism argument here. Why do women keep perpetuating the myth that they are paragons of perfection? What’s the point?

Not only is it doing women a huge disservice but women recommend their gynecologist to friends and talk about what they could keep down during chemo today, but whether their face has gone under the needle and their boobs have been under the knife is too much to reveal?

Well lemme clue you in, ladies. Even if you’re in science or law, even if you’re on TV or in the movies, we can tell when your lips are suddenly twice their size or that your face is pulled so tight you look like the Joker. Don’t want to tell us what you had done to your face? Would never share that your boobs are three sizes bigger? Want us to think you are fucking perfection incarnate? Ok. Go ahead, keep quiet. We’ll just talk about what we think you had done in quiet whispers.


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