Marie Claire Asks: Do Women Hate Attractive Women?


The June Marie Claire revisited the story where British journalist Samantha Brick wrote an essay for the U.K.’s Daily Mail whining about being despised because she was beautiful. If you remember, this got big play on all the news shows with everyone vilifying Brick because of her conceited take on why women and girlfriends seem to treat her so poorly, all based on her own self-analysis that she is simply too beautiful, and these other women just can’t stand a beautiful woman.

Of course, Brick’s fallout was a complete public dressing down in which tons of women responded in this country, and her own, that she wasn’t really that hot, only clearly clueless and narcissistic.

But Marie Claire is now asking, wait a minute, did Brick, as self-serving as she came off, really have a point? Do women hate other women?

Uh, in a nutshell, no Marie Claire.

Unfortunately, all the negative attention Brick got just further confirmed for her that everyone hates her for her beauty. But what she didn’t seem to comprehend was that women weren’t hating on her because she was beautiful, but because she was perpetuating this effed up message in which women judge each other  on superficial terms—their clothing, their hair, their looks. I thought we moved beyond that in junior high, but Brick seems to be firmly planted in her middle school mentally—complaining that girl friends don’t ask her to be a bridesmaid and married friends dump her because she is just too beautiful to be around their hubbies.

But isn’t that how we felt in junior high school? We wondered why Leslie Abernathy got all the boys or why Karen Norris had the most rad clothes, or that the best hair hands down was perched unfairly on Judy Johnson’s head. Oh the horrors. I think a few girls hated me for perceiving I had something or other they thought they were missing (it might have been boobs)!

Thankfully, we grow up.

In fact, if anything now, I think women appreciate each other more. That’s why we ooh and ah when a friend looks incredibly hot in a new outfit or a celeb graces the cover of our favorite glossy looking gorgeous. Not because we are a society of mean women who hate each other’s beauty, but because we are a society of women who accept other women with open arms and value them for more than their looks. At least I like to think so.

Poor Samantha Brick sounds like she just needs some better women friends.


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