Glamour’s June Issue: Fail!




Usually I pick one story in a women’s magazine and go to town on its absurdity, but this post is different. This morning after flipping through the June issue of Glamour, I couldn’t believe how many stories were ripe for ripping.


Seems the whole issue jumped the shark into a creepy, pointless and misogynistic mantra that permeated every piece.

Right up front I’ll give credit where credit is due and say this issue contained a groundbreaking survey on how women view other women based on their weight, which has already gotten some press, called “The Secret Way People are Judging You.” It discussed the eye-opening effects of what women think when they see a woman who is skinny vs. one who is fat, and how the skinnies are labeled with words like ‘conceited ‘and ‘bitch’ and the fatties  labeled with language like ‘slow,’ ‘undisciplined’ and ‘lazy.’ Truly interesting stuff Glamour! Women can be cruel and judgmental to each other and we should strive to rid our Judge Judy  tendencies.

BUT…the rest of the mag took a serious downturn with pieces like:


“The Secrets to Great Sex (In 50 Words or Less)” with this doozy: “ Know how to handle his testicles. They’re one unit. Never separate them.”

Gee, didn’t we need to know that, ladies?


Or how about this story: “What a Guy’s Place Says about Him” with these stellar tidbits:

He’s Got a PS3, an Xbox and a Wii…

Maybe: He’s just a gamer who likes to relax after work with a beer and Halo 3.

But it could mean: He’s not looking for anything real.


His porn tastes are all over the map…

Maybe: He’s just a guy who hasn’t had sex in a while.

But it could mean: He’s a sex addict.


Oh effing brother, Glamour! Which is it, Gamer or Commitment phobe? Dry spell or Perve?


Then there’s this piece, “It’s One Giant Summer Camp Whirlwind,” all about how working on a presidential campaign means 16-hour days filled with hookups, weight gain, marriage proposals and hugs from the president-elect. Honestly? That’s the news we share with women about working on a campaign? Hookups and Hugs? Ode to Fluff!


And you’ll love this one: “Everything’s Coming up Porn-y!” Yes, this piece explains that S-E-X is everywhere. The popular James Deen ( a hot porn star who appears in dozens of lady porn movies), the movie Hysteria (dubbed a new sex comedy), and the ever popular novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” with its risqué sex scenes, means that everything is coming up PORN right now in popular media.

Gee, thanks for the news, Glamour. Maybe the next  issue can include some substance?


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  1. Jenn, Do you really think they are going to change? Exactly wht I quit buying magazines. Only purchase now if there are some really good recipies.

    • Well, I can hope they can IMPROVE! Today the spotlight is shinning on them from other media, blogs–and their readers, who are begging for some changes! They are not working in a bubble anymore, so that is one difference on our side!

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