Anyone Else Think Khloe Kardashian is Unrecognizable on May Cosmo Cover?


So I really wasn’t going to lay into Cosmo again so soon. But yesterday the May issue arrived. Oh Cosmo photoshop editors–why must you airbrush already beautiful women?

I know Khloe’ Kardashian may not be  everyone’s epitome of a favorite magazine covergirl, but love her or hate her she shouldn’t be airbrushed into oblivion.

I almost couldn’t tell it was the reality star for a second. Her nose and face seemed slimmed beyond recognition and of course, her skin has been pore-defyed.

Hard to know if they lightened her hair, but her body got the once over with the digital eraser and she glows like she just stepped off the autobus from Chernobyl.


Here’s some other images to compare.









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