The Latest Diet Fad Covered in Marie Claire: Le Forking! Eating Only What you Can Spear With a Fork


So you won’t believe the diet piece in the February issue of Marie Claire. I mean, you really won’t believe they actually covered this.

“Meet the Forkers” on page 166 covers The Fork Diet (or Le Forking) as Parisians refer to it. This quack of a diet debuted in France in a book called Dine Avec Une Fourchette (

But honestly, Marie Claire should have left it there. The writer says it’s no crazier than any other diet, though it just might be. No question it’s as whacked as the Grapefruit Diet, the Baby Food Diet or the Vision Diet (that’s where you wear blue-tinted glasses while eating so everything looks unappealing), but no credible magazines are covering those diets!

This one’s lone rule is you may only eat what you can spear with a fork. Oh, it gets better. There’s a wimp and hardcore version. On the wimp plan, you can use a knife to prepare your food, but in the hardcore version, no knives are allowed.

This means no fingers foods: bread, cheese, fresh fruit; no spoon foods: soups, cereal, yogurt, oatmeal, and no foods that must be spread: peanut butter, humus, soft cheese, butter, or that need to be cut: meats.

Aside from the fact that eliminating huge food groups is hell nutritionally (Feel free to weigh in dietitians!), the sheer boredom of eating only stuff you can stab with a fork must be downright inconvenient.

There’s also no snacking, and if you can’t spear it or need to cut it, you can’t eat it.

The writer said she craved um, different utensils. Go figure.

Does it work? Well at the end of two weeks, the writer lost four pounds, which you could pretty much do on any healthy calorie-restricted diet plan. So the point? None.

Worse, the writer speculates at the end of the piece, why not a Chopstick Diet, eating only what you could snag with the wooden sticks? Oh brother.

Why don’t we come up with a Baby Spoon Diet or a No Utensils at all Diet? Uh, cause it’s all quackery, Marie Claire! We thought you knew better.


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Jennifer Nelson is a writer working on Stiletto Nation: Inside the Perfumed Pages of the Women's Magazine Industry to be published Fall of 2012 by Seal Press. Stop in and read about the great, the awful and the insane in the fragrant pages of the women's glossies.

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  1. Cleary these ppl aren’t innovative enough. I can most certainly spear bread, cheese and fresch fruit on a fork! (Do you know how much fun I’d have introducing a fork-only diet to my boys??)

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