Keep your Weight to Yourselves Glamour!


Boo-Hiss to the January issue of Glamour magazine for its weight loss piece on page 46, “How to Get to Your Show Off Weight.” The text, a five-page treatsie on six steps to take to reach your goal weight including standard fare such as don’t skip meals, keep snacks snack-size, eat your veggies first, set small goals, move, and quit counting calories. No beef with that.

It’s the accompanying visual that spiked my blood pressure. Six real-live women who’ve lost weight stand in the middle of New York City’s Time Square holding their weight on signs in neon pink numbers. Oh brother.

155lbs, 147lbs., 125lbs., 128lbs., 157 lbs. and 144lbs.

Really Glamour? Must we all hold up our weight on signs in Time Square? That’s the only way to take pride in achieving a desired weight or feel free of our weight struggles?

Bah humbug! Weight is personal and if you’re spot on yours, need to lose a little or a lot, or even need to gain a few, no one need hold up their number in Time Square or anywhere else on their journey.

Would we even think of asking men to hold up their weight on signs in a Lad Mag? Hell no. And you probably wouldn’t find men to cooperate either.

It seems just another way to define women–by their weight, a mere number.

Toss the cards, ladies and get a clue Glamour! No one cares what the numbers are.


About stilettonation

Jennifer Nelson is a writer working on Stiletto Nation: Inside the Perfumed Pages of the Women's Magazine Industry to be published Fall of 2012 by Seal Press. Stop in and read about the great, the awful and the insane in the fragrant pages of the women's glossies.

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