Wanna Be a Bunny? Think Twice. Cosmo Mag Dishes Up Bunny Tales!


No wonder NBC’s Playboy Club was short-lived this fall. There’s just no getting around how lousy Playboy Bunnies were treated. In November’s Cosmo, writer Anna Davies gives us a peak into the bunny tale horrors:

1. Bunnies had to spread their legs for a GYN exam before they could report to work. Seems their gynecological health had to check out before they could dish up drinks.

2. Their shift was grueling. There were no breaks and Bunnies couldn’t be seen drinking so much as a glass of water in front of a customer, less they got 10 demerits (100 and they were out!)

3. Their weight was monitored. Bunny Lili Bee got busted in the 70s for being four pounds up from her 112-pound hiring weight, and was suspended for a week.

4. Playboy Bunny wasn’t just a job, it was an identity. Bunnies had to introduce themselves as Bunny [first name]. If their first name was the same as a girl already employed, they had to choose a new name.

5. Bunnies got fired via the weekly schedule. A bunny would check the weekly schedule for her shifts only to discover her name absent. This meant bye-buh Bunny!

6. Bunnies paid for supplies out-of pocket. Bunnies had to pay for their own makeup, false lashes, tights and dyed-to match their bunny suit pumps. They were inspected before each shift and any Bunny deemed imperfect for a run in her tights or a non-fluffed tail would receive demerits.

7. The Club spied on bunnies. To ensure bunnies didn’t break rules like dating customers, spies were sent in posing as customers to watch them. Bunnies were encouraged, however, to date the Playboy execs. Go figure.

8. Bunnies had to keep their men at home. Bunnies were instructed to meet their husband or boyfriend two blocks from the club so customers would never see them with a man.

Is it any wonder women wouldn’t tune in week after to week to watch this on TV?

Heff’s comment on Twitter: “Ugly Bunny Tales,” in the current issue of Cosmopolitan, is a curious piece of pointless, anti-Playboy pap.”


November Cosmo

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