Closeted Diet Soda Drinking Men Unite! A No Girls Allowed Diet Drink?


Dr. Pepper 10 Commercial


Earlier this month, Dr. Pepper rolled out a male-oriented advertising campaign for the diet version of Dr. Pepper. In its sexist, set-women- portrayed-in-advertising-back-six-decades attempt to counter the perception that diet drinks are for women, the new 10-calorie Dr Pepper Ten sports gun-metal gray packaging and macho ads that mock “It’s not for women.”

Um. okay. Though I can’t imagine Diet Sprite or Diet Pepsi putting all their marketing efforts into eliminating the entire male  diet soda drinking population. I must have missed that those drinks were solely for women.

In fact, do guys who drink diet pop think their current fizz fixation isn’t manly enough for them? I mean, has this been a big problem in the past for the man in your life–all that shame and embarrassment of ordering Diet Coke?

Closeted diet soda drinking men unite–finally a product that makes you more manly when you sip it. No more embarrassing episodes at clubs and restaurants. No more shame in selecting the diet drink of your choice. Finally someone understands your plight and packaged a diet drink in a plain gray can so you can protect your steely manhood.

Needless to say, the campaign has sparked quite the opposite reaction among women. I think Ellen DeGeneres summed it up fairly well on her show yesterday. “What happened? We had it so good for a while, we were voting and smoking and wearing pants and now we can’t drink soda?” Do you really want to offend half the population–the half that probably buys the groceries?”

I bet women are snapping it up by the caseload for their diet soda-drinking manly man.

Remember ladies, it’s not for women. Don’t even think about popping one open!





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