Did Brits Get it Right?


Over in Britain teachers have been given a lesson plan to help primary grade kids understand how magazines alter pictures of celebrities. The plan includes 15 slide images garnered from advertising campaigns like Revlon, Maybelline and Calvin Klein showing how the model’s photos have been altered– all to give children an idea of what pics are “real” and which ones aren’t.

Kids are encouraged to try and guess which photos are airbrushed and spot retouching mistakes as well as pick out the slimmed thighs, narrowed waists and erased imperfections among celebs shots.

Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone, said the retouching 101 lesson plan will help elementary school children recognize that ‘their value is worth so much more than just their physical appearance.’

Of course, others balk at taking time away from math and science for such nonsense.

Regardless, it sounds like a great game of ‘Spot the fake photo!’ Who knows how many eating disorders and years of self-loathing can be thwarted by teaching kids about magazine retouching in elementary school!

Whatcha think? Weigh in.


About stilettonation

Jennifer Nelson is a writer working on Stiletto Nation: Inside the Perfumed Pages of the Women's Magazine Industry to be published Fall of 2012 by Seal Press. Stop in and read about the great, the awful and the insane in the fragrant pages of the women's glossies.

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